Sapna Choudhary is much popular dancer and Folk Singer in Haryana. Peoples love to watch her dance on live stage. Sapna does many live stage shows in Cities and villages in Haryana and she is the very good singer, who sung many Haryanvi songs. She also wants to go in Haryanvi movies to perform in the movie.

Sapna was born on 25th September 1990 in Rohtak village, Haryana Sapna belongs to a middle-class family. Her father was worked in a private firm. She held her primary schooling from Rohtak village. At the age of 12, Sapna suffered a huge blow where she lost her father. In order to earn the livelihood, she joined the local orchestra as a lead singer and started earning the livelihood for her family. She is only the singer, who started the singing career just in order to fulfill the basic needs of the family.

Sapna started her Career journey by playing the role singer in the local orchestra team, after became popularity, she launched her first Haryanvi song namely Solid body where she emerged as the lead singer and danced in it. After that, she is also famous in UP, Delhi, Haryana, Punjab and sung more than 20 songs in Haryanvi style for the people.

Sapna Chaudhary Personal Info

Name- Sapna Choudhary
Dob- 25th September 1990
Age- 26 Years
Birth Place-  Rohtak, Haryana, India
Height-   7 inch
Weight – 55 Kgs
Profession- Singer & Dancer
Language Known- Hindi, Punjabi, Haryavani
Marital Status- Not Married
Hobbies- Travelling, Listening Music
Religion- Hinduism
Nationality- Indian


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